Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Wye? Because we wanna!

Hi guys! What a busy couple of weeks it's been since we unleashed our launch video. As usual we have been at the pool in Newport perfecting our paddle strokes and braces - every one of which will count when we're out on the salty blue stuff for 8-10 hours a day. 

We have also put together a new video showing some of our more successful snapshots from training at the pool, and some of the less auspicious stuff, in the interests of balance.

Wye? because we wanna!

Last weekend we made the trip to Monmouth with Crosey Canoe Club for our first paddle down the Wye. Amazingly, we both made it down the 14-mile run without going swimming! 

Symonds Yat gave us a chance to test our braces and sweeps, which by all accounts, seem to work well given that our new helmets from Escape thankfully weren't put to the test.

This weekend, we will be making the most of the Easter Bank Holiday with a trip up to Anglesey for a three-day sea kayaking course. We can't wait..partly because it'll give us the first taste of what we'll be up against during the first few legs of the trip and also we get to do a recce of the stopoff points during the challenge on the way home.

Coming soon will be a first glimpse of our new t-shirts and some very fetching vinyl for the car, aka Bully McBoatface...here he is pre-facelift.

Stay tuned! Cheers.
Ben and Tom

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