Saturday, 30 July 2016

Paddling in the piscary at Oxwich

We both love fishing. So when we got an invite from Escape Watersports to join them at the Oxwich Bay Sea Kayak Fishing Competition we didn't need asking twice. The third time, we said yes. As the tackle box consisted of only a trolling line, we went for a paddle and left the fishing to the pros. 

And quite a paddle it was. Not just for us but also for our new boat buddy - Gary the Dragon. 

Gary was found merrily siting in a charity shop in Roath. I bet he didn't expect how that day ended. Gary aka "Speedy" will be joining us on our adventure around Wales which starts on August 27th, from a pub opposite Caenarfon. This is purely for logistics you understand (also Gary likes a G&T in the morning!).

So the first trip to Oxwich Bay with Gary aboard went swimmingly, and thankfully without a swim. Although Gary took a good face-full of Adam's ale.

We're back in same Bay shortly, with the Wye Bother Canoe Club. This time we'll be setting off from Caswell Bay and finishing the day in Oxwich which, handily, has a pub. Gary will be pleased.

More soon, stay tuned!

Ben and Tom

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Anglesey take two

So another productive week or so, the pinnacle being two days up on Anglesey, this time with the tandem. The objective? Learning how to get back in the boat when it all goes inverted. Again, the main man, Phil Clegg, of Sea Kayaking Anglesey fame was there to give us the pointers and doing some pointing.  

This time we stuck to launching from Porth Dafarch, for good reason. The tidal race came at us in stages, with the warm-up through the inner races and then it was full steam ahead into the outer race, which, the tandem laughed in the a face of... even if at points our faces were a little more ashen. 

Thankfully after a hard day's paddling, we could trundle back the night stop at Valley of the Rocks campsite. Handily, Anglesey Outdoor Centre, which was less than 500 yards away from the tent has, by complete chance, an on-site bar.

The lovely Penny, captain of the Paddlers' Return bar, even pinned one of our t-shirts to the ceiling alongside the others telling many a story of activities and adventures of the Isle.

The next time we see this wonderful place will be when we launch from Newborough beach on August 27th. Next week we'll be going to the Oxwich Bay Sea Kayaking Fishing competition to meet some of the other kayakers who frequent our coast.

In the meantime, please donate anything you can to help us reach our target (we're currently at £1,260 and counting...) and support the work of the three great charities. It'll make all the difference to disabled people across Wales who rely on the support of Bobath Cymru, Crmarthenshire People First and Disability Can Do.

More coming soon, stay tuned!

Ben and Tom 

 Please donate, just £1 could make a difference!