Monday, 11 April 2016

Boats and a Bobath hello

It's been quite an eventful and action-packed week or so... with a few new experiences in the mix. The wettest of these has got to be going down to the Llandegfedd Reservoir with Croesy Canoe Club.

Gail at Bobath and waves in the reservoir
There was a fair chop on the water the first time and horizontal rain, all good practice for balancing and countering the boat's wayward movements atop waves.

It also showed the important differences between the length of the boat and left one of us with a salient tip - don't take a play boat to a reservoir.

We also got to have a face-to-face chat with Gail Griffiths, head of fundraising and retail at Bobath Cymru. 

The importance of fundraising to them is tremendous. The Centre in Whitchurch, Cardiff, relies on £1.3m in donations a year to keep operating and we want to raise as much as possible to contribute to the invaluable work the team does in helping children with Cerebral Palsy (CP). The full interview will be up here shortly.

In other news... the boat is here!

We are, needless to say, very excited to get the boat on the water! We'll get our first taste of tendem paddling in Porthcawl next week. But before all that we'll be meeting legendary Welsh rugby captain, Paul Thorburn. As Paul himself paddled the Welsh coast in 2013, we're looking forward to hearing his sage words on what to expect.

We'll let you know how it all goes, and t-shirts are incoming so expect to see pictures of us (and some of you) sporting those soon!

 Please donate, just £1 could make a difference!

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