Monday, 2 May 2016

Assembling the flotilla

Well it's been another great week or so with training on the sea. More of that later. We also been in touch with sailing clubs from Anglesey to Cardiff in our quest for sailors, kayakers and other boaty types to join us along the way. 
The Knap, 'Bay and freestyle at CIWW

We're also trying to organise a support boat, just in case we get a little wetter than expected. Anyone who wants to join us en route, please drop us a line on @seabeyonduk or email

We've also been speaking to Jon Morgan at Disability Sport Wales. Very glad to have such a fantastic ambassador for disability enablement on board.

In other news, we have a venue for the after party on September 10th in our beautiful city. More on the this soon!

Training wise, we have put ourselves and the kayak through some proper tests, with a trip from The Knap in Barry to Southerndown with Croesy Canoe Club. This gave us a chance to test our braces and general stability in a 5' swell. 

We have also been spending some time down at the 'Bay, familiarising ourselves with the barrage. 

It was fantastic to see so many of our friends and Team GB paddlers there over the bank holiday's Welsh Open Freestyle competition.

Next up will be round two of training on Anglesey. Very excited to get out there, if we could just ask Derek Brockway to see if he can make the conditions a bit less smashy and more tidy this time.

Thanks everyone for your support - keep sharing and donating...
Stay tuned!

Ben and Tom

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