Sunday, 26 June 2016

To the Taff, for Paddle Out Loud

What an epic weekend it's been! With the clock ticking on the launch date for the trip, we were lucky enough to get out on the the rivers of Cardiff with a cracking crew of fellow paddlers for Paddle Out Loud. 

The day's paddle was organised by Dani Robertson from the Wave Project, helping kids become more self-confident through surfing. 

Starting at Sofia Gardens, we made our merry way down the Taff and then into the Bay for a colourful trip with a sombrero-wearing paddle-boarder called Rusty and a stuffed turtle. Not forgetting of course Bethany (occasionally on tow), Laura (occasionally in the rather murky Taff) and Rhys (often upside down). 

Here's a snapshot...

Rusty, Laura, Bethany and Tom

Mexican stand on/off

Rhys seeing things from another perspective

We'll definitely be back next year and hope to see them all again soon!
Stay tuned!

Ben and Tom    

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