Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Stage 9 - Tenby to Broughton Bay

There's nothing quite like a tank firing at you to make you paddle faster. Mind you, just the thought is enough. On another crossing, this time from Tenby to Pendine, the headland view was interrupted by the occasional yellow marker buoy. These were to warn of the sand bars. Of course they were.

It wasn't until we surfed the waves down onto Pendine Sands for a break after the three-hour passage did we realise there was another active firing range and those buoys where in fact what the tank was aiming at from seven miles away...

We were glad therefore when we landed to find the tank's gun had jammed otherwise we may have been reduced to a thin red film over a wide area of Carmarthen Bay.

After an hour waiting on the sands for the all-clear from the range, we crashed back up through the surf and  headed in the general direction of Rhossili. After a clong but serene evening paddle, we decided neither Rhossili nor Mewslade were particularly advisable give we were about six hours in and light was fading fast. 

Worm's Head would have to wait. We decided instead to go for Broughton Bay, whose only access was up a steep hill into a caravan park. So after a bit of side-on surfing we glided onto the beach and in the last of the daylight de-kitted the boat and headed for the King's Head in Llangennith for a bit of refreshment.

Next, some fairly familiar waters to us - through Oxwich and Caswell Bay, followed by the marvelous Mumbles and on to Porthcawl via Port Talbot. Time to break out the sun cream again.

Stay tuned!
Ben and Tom 

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