Thursday, 8 September 2016

Stage 10 - Port Eynon to The Mumbles

Getting wind is never particularly welcome. Especially when the wind is going 30mph, in the wrong direction. 

Having identified a small tide, flow and wind window, we set up for launch at 6am on Port Eynon beach, knowing we had just under three hours to reach The Mumbles. If we didn't, we would be going backwards when the wind picked up as predicted.

We were looking forward to this trip. Aside from the beauty of the Gower and Mumbles, we passed some places we know well - Oxwich Bay and Caswell Bay particularly. We have been here recently with Croesy Canoe Club and with Gus and the team from Escape Watersports for the sea kayak fishing competition.

Both bays seemed considerably longer this time, perhaps because we were doing both in one go, parhaps because we were against the clock or perhaps because it's really starting to feel like every paddle stroke is one more closer to home after the best part of a fortnight at sea. 
Looking out onto the Mumbles
We also knew the next day would be a write-off when the force seven rolled in. Instead we are waiting it out for an early Friday morning start. You can expect some dawn shots, this time from around Newton beach in Porthcawl... From there we'll be pointing the nose in the direction of Atlantic College before aiming at Jackson's Bay for Barry Yacht Club who are holding a fundraising raffle and quiz night for us. We can't thank them enough!

It's hard to believe it's less than 48 hours until we come through the Cardiff Bay Barrage and land at the Lookout Cafe. We're looking forward to seeing a bunch of you there. We can't wait!

Stay tuned!   
Ben and Tom


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