Thursday, 25 August 2016

Escape Watersports: Making it all possible

Why did Escape Watersports sponsor Ben and Tom?

Back in November 2012, my daughter Morgan was born 10 weeks prematurely weighing in at just 2.3lb.

Fast forward two years and Morgan is having tests to see if her development was 'normal'. During these tests we found out that she has mild cerebral palsy which affects her left side. 

We are very lucky, you may have to concentrate to spot her disability but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to maintain her movement in a 'normal' way.

Gus and Morgan out for a paddle

As part of our journey through diagnoses and treatments, we were lucky enough to be accepted on to an intensive treatment block with Bobath. 

Bobath has given us the confidence, skills, and care pathway to monitor, treat and progress Morgan's movement.

As a business owner in the recreational sector I have received many sponsorship requests, and I'm afraid to say that we are unable to support most. 

However, Ben and Tom were different. They made the effort, were determined and had a solid plan in place.

As the charities being supported and the challenge was something we had been involved closely with before, it was an easy decision to make.

Tom and Ben have worked very hard not only with the paddling side of things, but also all the bits that go on behind the scenes which take up most of the time.

My wife Claire and I wish you both all the best!

Boss - Escape Watersports

 Please donate, just £1 could make a difference!

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