Thursday, 11 August 2016

Event on the horizon

One month can seem like a long while. When you're knee deep in overdraft and yesterday was payday or you have carob in your advent calendar. But when there's four weeks until you plan to have paddled around a country, a month seems very short indeed. 

But that's exactly how long we have until we'll arrive back in Cardiff Bay after navigating our way around the Welsh coast. 

Planning for the trip is now in the final stages and thankfully, with the support of kayaking, sailing and rowing clubs all the way from Caernarfon to Cardiff we have the support boats we need to make the trip a reality! Without the kindness and generosity of the many, many volunteers who have come on board to lend a hand all this wouldn't be possible - thank you all!

With the weather on our side we will be complete the 13 stages north to south on September 10th when we'll be arriving at the Lookout Cafe in Cardiff Bay for considerable amounts of refreshment and we would like to see as many of our supporters there as possible.

Tickets are £5 - 100% of which goes to the three charities! There will be live music, a raffle, a bar (obviously), the World of Boats exhibition and we may even be hijacking a barbecue. Check out the Facebook event page, come and help us celebrate, we'd love to see you there! 

In the meantime we would be glad if any more experienced boaty types would like to join us on one or more of the stages of the trip. Join us on the water, at the party or both. Route map coming soon...

Stay tuned!

Ben and Tom

 Please donate, just £1 could make a difference!


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